Tuesday, 12 April 2016 05:40

Likaat 2016 (1)

The first encounter,2016: Thursday, March 17, animated by the two researchers ‘Abeer Saqusouq and Nadine Bekdache. Organized by Huda Sraj and Azza Sleiman.

During our university studies in architecture and design we became very interested in the discussions and research concerning the city and the meaning of justice of space. This drove us to look at our professional role from a political and social angle. i.e. , as professionals and researchers we were are not isolated from the daily political life of the city. Our personal and professional experience showed us a great difference between the principles of justice and equality we strive to implement and the harsh real politics of the city we live in. We saw how the Lebanese shore was privatized and the  continuous  departure of the citizens, the marginalization of the country side and the poorer quarters fenced in. These practices drove us even more to actively share in the future of our city and our natural space. We wanted to create public awareness of the justice of space and our rights in the city. To realize this we resorted to binding social scientific research with action and practice oriented research.

With the presentation of four projects on which we are currently working we will discuss the methodology of our work and the various means by which we create projects aiming at forming knowledge outside the limits of academic institutions, as well as aiming at influencing the general politics and architectural development.  The projects we will be presenting focus on living in Beirut, the public spaces, the role of the supportive campaigns and the participatory development in the Palestinian camps.



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