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Work day 2015 (1)

1.       Saturday, January 31. Topic: Our experience on the other side of motherhood, in its “shadow”. Organized by Marlene Nasr and Hosn Abboud. Venue: Najla Hamady’s home.

        The basic human instincts are based on contradictory dualities that motivate and control a person’s role in the family and society.

Thus, we find in motherhood a duality which instigates women to be mothers to their children, while the other members of the family and the surrounding society assume the role of supervising, stimulating and controlling this role.

I will mention some of the dualities in the role of a mother:

             The positive “natural” side                  what is considered the negative side (the shadow)

              Serving and love of giving                    monopolize love and extort

              Sacrifice and dedication                       victim who expects offerings

              Nourishing, feeding                              “leaving hungry”, deprivation

              Tenderness                                               persecution

               Tolerance                                                  repression

               Care, protection                                      neglect, depending on others

               Encouraging to live                                  encouraging calmness and fear

               Encouraging independence                    leaning towards stagnation and dependency

               Equality and fairness towards the children    discrimination in dealing with them

               Observing the father’s role                    worship, or lessening his role or excluding him

              The mother as idol or goddess                the mother as exploited slave

In this meeting we shall try to discuss the “negative’’ side of our motherhood.

Are we aware of it? How do we know it?

Is there in our life as mothers and mothers’ daughters what explains this side of our motherhood?

Is it fear of negligence or fear of disappearing?


What about the image of the “greatest mother” we carry within us? 

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