Thursday, 14 April 2016 08:34

Work day 2016 (1)

March,12, 2016. Venue: Rawda café, Beirut. Organized by Fadia Hoteit,  Azza Beydoun and Hosn Abboud.

After having discussed in our last work day meeting the sources of our scientific trajectories and what participated in them, we now ask you about your present research interests based on the following questions:

-On what do your present interests focus?

-In the light of your contact with your field of specialty which subjects are of interest to you at present? Can you cite one or more subjects we could think about and work on now?

-In case we can obtain funding and help, is there a topic you would like to deal with now, or in the coming two years? Or do  you deem it appropriate that Bahithat should deal with it?




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