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Work day 2014 (1)

18 Jan. 2014:”Our personal experience with gender discrimination”, prepared by Fadia Hoteit and Nada Sehnaoui. The venue: T.Square in Sodeco.

Gender discrimination in Lebanon goes without saying for Bahithat, basinh themselves on what various research projects and books concluded, besides the relation between people.  However, things are not that clear when it comes down to personal experience. True, some of the Bahithat were aware and critical enough to realize the discrimination they faced. Yet the theoretical discussion of the problem came as a shock to others and made them review their personal experience causing them to reinterpret themselves and their personality. Naturally, what distinguishes this interpretation is that it is not final and is subject to revision with every new turn of events.   

In spite of this obvious gender discrimination, or perhaps because of it, we invite you to discuss how we face it and its effects on our personalities.

The questions raise were the following:

-When did you become aware of the difference between you and the opposite sex in the way people regarded you and dealt with you.

-Did you realize this gradually or thanks to a specific attitude? Was that at home when you were a child? At school or university? Or in your professional life?

-What did you feel and how did you deal with it?

-In the absence of such an experience do you consider yourself safe from it?

-How did your personal experience reflect on the way you brought up your children or on your dealings with your students?


-Do you feel that the new generation is more aware than ours of this discrimination? 

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