Thursday, 14 April 2016 08:52

Work day 2014 (2)

Work day, the 19th of April

Venue: T.Square in Sodeco.

The subject to be discussed: Research, the Tajammu’ and me.

The discussions centered around three questions: First:I as researcher. What does it mean for me to be a researcher? Is it for personal status or self realization? Social status as others read and appreciate what I publish? Professional promotion with its material and moral advantages? A space for rest, contentment and escape to another world, that of knowledge, discovery and creativity? Disappointment at not receiving recognition, and psychological fatigue due to lack of support and help from others? Does my relation to knowledge, acquiring and sharing it, depend on my completing or not completing a research project?

Second: the field of knowledge and research

Is my research restricted to my specialty or does it vary according to what is required? Do I feel that my research  repeats itself ? How do professional circles deal with scientific research, whether mine or that of others? Of what use is it in a country and society subject to politics and money? Is not the world of knowledge ruled by the media cacophony, superficial analysis and broadcasting?

Third: My relation to the Tajammu’ and other research centers

Two decades after the establishment of the Tajammu’do I find in it and its members what I had hoped when I joined? For what do I wish now? Have I lost my desire and ambition for research, or have I switched to another field? What do I now expect from it? Do I really desire to continue my route with others? Or am I caught here and see nothing better? Did my belonging to the Tajammu’ help in developing my research relationships with others or did I drift away from them, satisfied with what I find and perform here?

If scientific research centers had been almost non-existent when the Tajammu’ was established in the eighties, things have changed since the beginning of the present century. No university, public administration , NGO or professional syndicate or association but has established its research unit, and if not, is seeking to do so.


In the wake of this important change, why would the Tajammu’ continue? Are there new tasks we could perform to participate in this development while maintaining our main goals? For example: do we encourage each other, our students and colleagues to participate, professionally or voluntarily , in the new formations and work together to coordinate between them? 

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