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Work day 2014 (3)

18 October 2014. Subject: “Happiness: truth or illusion”. Prepared by May Jubran, Nayla Kaedbey and Noha Bayyoumi.

Venue: Nayla Kaedbey’s home in Shemlan.

The definition of happiness varies between the scriptures, clergy, philosophers, mystics and psychologists. This reflects a dynamic culture changing with time and place because happiness, for one, is a personal experience affecting the individual’s life and his reactions to this happiness. On the other hand, happiness is also collective pertaining to the culture and beliefs of the collective to which that individual belongs. Today we are interested in how far our personal experiences coalesce with, or differ from, the collective culture, although what interests us in the first place is our awareness of the form happiness takes at a certain time, then changes into another form more adapted to a present experience.

1-The first session

This session dealt with the following questions:

-What does happiness, in general, represent for you and according to your personal experience, and what makes you feel happy?

-Is happiness an internal or external attitude, or both combined?

-Do the political, economic, religious and confessional problems we now face in Lebanon prevent us from feeling happy? How?

2- The second session

-How does happiness relate to time and age? How does our experience of happiness in our youth differ from it at our age? Does the sexual drive and hormonal change affect our view and feeling of happiness, positively or negatively? Does it depend on sex, physical attraction and beauty?

-Does our journey instigate us to go back to the essence of our existence, i.e. to our present and not the past? Do we create our own happiness and thus obtain internal peace? Can we now talk about the sources of our happiness? And to what extent are they dependent on our daily life?

-Is happiness a situation we create? And how do we create it if we wanted to?

We tried to raise these questions hoping they would instigate the discussion taking into consideration that the participants have, as usual, full liberty to override these questions. The way is open to personal thinking based on experience.  



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