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Wednesday, 01 July 2015

“The ego’s entering globalization:  clinical reading”

Presented by Dr.Anissa al-Amin


Youths of both genders and various ages, belonging to the well-off middle class and well educated, mastering foreign languages and most of them holding good professional positions, practice free sex and have multiple relations. In spite of all this they resort to psychological clinics wondering why:

-they feel a general dissatisfaction

-do not meet a suitable partner

-question their idea of themselves

-question the family image: the mother’s overwhelming presence, the retreat of the father’s impact

-the absence of the feminine and its reduction to the image of the shiny, seductive female as presented by the media, or the cheap female resembling a maid

-constant anxiety resembling the confusion in sexual identity

-the symptoms they consider a handicap we find today in a number of phobia: the social phobia or the phobia of closed or open spaces.

-what is especially noticeable with married women is their husbands’ refraining from having sex while at the same time their wives hang on to them who effectually chase them away, not only from their bed but from all forms of partnership in their conjugal home.

-the youths’ complaints of interior violence or capricious anger that threatens those who approach them.

We face a split existence in their life. This is what we call the “reality” which has broken loose from a conscious concept of reality. It is not the seen reality we can observe with a microscope.

     In presenting a clinical case of the age group between their thirties and forties, pertaining to the globalized very modern people, i.e. the modernity which has been completed today due to the great technical development and by which the pleasure of possessing things has stamped the values of modernity, we discover a great pathological divide in the ego between a past history that has remained in the unconscious and liberation that is found in pleasure.    




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