Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Huda Taleb Srage


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  • Diplomas: BBA
  • Specialization: Business Management
  • Research interests (Keywords): Philately, Image, Semiotics, Popular Arts, Gender.
  • Latest publications
  1. Lebanon Through its Stamps, Story of a Nation , Nov 2015
  2. Egyptian Kingdom: Its Images and icons through stamps, Modern Egypt memory Oct 2015
  3. Translation and designing Mona Abaza’s article “Terrorism, Resistance and Gender Imaginary in Cairo Graffiti” Bahithat book 16.
  4. Review Of “Political, Aesthetic and Ethical Positions of Tunisian women artists, 2011-2013”, by lilia Labidi. , bahithat book 16.


  •  Writer and researcher in apprentice in modern philately school of thought that blends with semiotics, making stamps a dynamic medium of communication between authorities and social powers.
  • She has over ten published studies, in addition of hundreds of articles in local and regional newspapers and periodic. Her book “Lebanon Through Its Stamps – Chafic Taleb Collection” was classified an pioneer book in the Arabic Library according to the library of the Museum of post in Paris.
  • She, in collaboration with Mr. Chafic Taleb, designed and organized 15 exhibitions in Lebanon and Europe, and organized two individual exhibitions.
  • She is an active member in the International Philatelic Club (Paris), Beirut Observatory, World Academy of Philately (Paris), Arab Translators, and Bahithat.

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