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General Assembly

Amal Habib

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  • Profession: Science advisor; Associate professor; Researcher
  • Affiliation: National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS)
  • Diploma: Doctorat  en science de l’information; Univ. Paris 8 (France); 2006
  • Research interests (Keywords): Sustainable development; information science; research in human and social sciences; research management; indicators in science and technology; indicators in human and social  sciences; information systems; ethics.


  • Latest publications:

1. Hosn, Abboud; Habib, Amal; El-Sayyid, Ridwan; Grami, Amel (Editors) (2014). Players of the Arab Revolutions: Innovative Forms and Expressions  (Arabic & English). Bahithat Book 16. Beirut: Bahithat . 519 p.

2. Habib, Amal and Chaaban, Amin (2014). Climate change in Lebanon. (In preparation of the directory of the climate change in Arab Countries).  Report submitted to the Arab League, Department on Science and Research and Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, 2014.

3. Habib, A. (2012). Demography and socio-economic characteristics of the Lebanese coastal population. In: H. Kouyoumjian, M. Hamze (Eds.), Review and perspectives of environmental studies in Lebanon. (pp.265-300). Beirut: The National Council for Scientific Research.

4. Habib, A. (2012). National study on the socio-economic aspects in Lebanon: overview of the environment of the Lebanese coast occupation (fishery, agriculture, industry, tourism), income, poverty, consumption, human development index. a project funded by the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM), the National Council for Scientific Research and International Relief and Development (IRD).

5. Habib, A. (2010). Les pratiques culturelles des jeunes, outils de développement durable. In: M. Stephan Hachem, A. Charara Baydoun, N. Saba Yared, W. Hamadi (Eds.), Cultural practices of Arab Youth Vol. XIV . (pp. 259-309). Beirut: Lebanese Association of Women Researchers

6. Habib, A. & Baltz, C. (2008, February). Quelles informations pour piloter le développement durable? [what information for monitoring sustainable development?]. Documentaliste - Science de l'information, (1), 4-13.

7. Review of the national report on the climate change «thematic assessment on United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”, “National Capacity Self Assessment for Global Environmental Management (NCSA)», UNDP-Ministry of Environment, Lebanon. Decembre-March 2007.

8. Habib, A. et al. (2005). Répertoire des projets de recherches subventionnés 2002-2004 et des publications issues. Série Monographique. Conseil National de Recherche Scientifiques [Monographic series], 3, 241p.




 • Science Advisor for Research in Human and Social Sciences, National Council for Scientific Research (2006- ).

• Editor in the “Lebanese Science Journal” for the human and social sciences (2014- ). 

• Consultant in Human and Social Sustainable Development, (2008-) 

• Associate Professor (Faculty of Information and Documentation), Lebanese Univ. (1980-2012).

• National Representative of the International Nuclear Information System (INIS) of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Lebanon (1996 – 2010).

• Head and Founder of the Scientific Information Centre, 1980- 2005, National Council for Scientific Research.

• Consultant in Agricultural Information Sciences and Systems, 1987- 1989.

• National representative in Lebanon of the Agricultural Information Systems AGRIS & CARIS of UN-FAO (1983-2006).

Honorary office

• Member, The Lebanese National Commission for the UNESCO, 2011-present.

• Member, The Lebanese Association of Women Researchers "BAHITHAT", 2008- present.


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