General Assembly

General Assembly

Hind Al Soufi

Professor At the Lebanese University

  • Diploma: Doctorat in the Sciences of Art
  • Research interests (Keywords): Hurufia and Post Hurufia- Arab Modernity- Art and Feminism


Latest publications:

  1. Hind Al Soufi, Movements in Art from the XVth Century (Western and Arab World), Under Printing…
  2. Talal Moualla: Hind Al Soufi & Fateh Ben Amer, Re- Reading Hurufia, Department of Culture, Sharjah, 2008… 


    1. Arab upraisings: New perspectives,” The Islamic Pieta and the Western Media approach to the Arab Upraising”, Bahithat, Bk 16, Beirut, 2013-2014. 
    2. The third age, “ Elderly in the fine arts: A Gender perspective”, U.L Publications, Beirut, 2013. 
    3. Women and Finance, “The Symbolic of jewels in painting”, Bahithat 13, Beirut,  2009.
    4. Deconstructing Masculinity in the Arab world, “The Iconic of the masculinity”, Bahithat 12, Beirut, 2008. 




  •  DEA in Economics from La Sorbonne and a diploma of Stsatistics.
  • Professor at the Lebanese University and researcher.
  • Visual artist participated at International Exhibitions and Biennales. 
  • Former President of the Ass. For the Lebanese Painters and Sculptors: Founded The Visual Art Forum, a yearly Exhibition for the Lebanese Artist(Oct), and The X-perimental X-hibition an international event for the new in Art work (Spring)…
  • Won the Award of Creativity 2014.
  • Founded The AL Fayhaa Choir (2002) and The Al Fayhaa Youth Orchestra  (2013).

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